Monday, February 23, 2015

Re Gusty Winds Southeast Arizona This Morning

Art Douglas reported this morning:


Well the wind is blowing so hard I can not sleep.  Some wind reports below with the NWS criteria for a wind advisory. The station names in quotation marks are a joke in my opinion as they are not even close the area indicated:  names are all flat landers and the sites are on top of ridges!  Yes, I know the name is given to reflect the closest geographical settlement.........but still..........quoting weather for Miracle Valley that is on top of a high ridge is a joke.    Art

A Wind Advisory is issued when the following conditions are expected for 3 hours or longer.
1) sustained winds of 31 to 39 mph
2) wind gusts of 46 to 57 mph

"Miracle Valley"   47mph

Summerhaven  47mph

"Wilcox"           52mph
EW3391 Willcox, AZ (E3391)
Elev: 6739 ft; Latitude: 31.99917; Longitude: -109.33833
"Bowie"           49mph  

KG7KID-4 Bowie, AZ (AU921)
Elev: 5046 ft; Latitude: 32.14917; Longitude: -109.43867

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