Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Quick Overview Of 19 February

Yesterday produced light showers across the metro area (ALERT 24-hour precipitation at 7:00 am MST this morning - below) late evening with a few spots getting a second round after midnight. Amounts were were mostly below 2/10 inch except in mountains. Here at house we had 0.06". Coverage was impressive with 90 to 100% of the network receiving measurable precipitation and some snow at highest elevations.

Winds were very strong across most of state with gusts of 35 to 45 mph common. Highest winds I noted this am were above 50 mp and included: 70 mph at 4-m telescope on Kitt Peak; Guthrie RAWS 64 mph; Winslow 63 mph; and Flagstaff 55 mph.

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  1. Like you, what a nice relief to all the dryness these last 3-4 months. It seemed to stop and dry out on the far southeast side of El Paso during my drive - clouds lifted into mid-level mixed with blue sky, and by Ft Hancock it was 75F - up 15 from El Paso and up 28 from the pass over the mountains on Transmountain. Quite the contrasts. Dry as a bone in Marfa. On the return drive home, a little lightning NE and NW, as I went back into the weather I left here.

    Too bad we can't get one of these every couple weeks!