Friday, March 01, 2013

Brief Summary For February 2013

Here at the house there was measurable precipitation on three days, The most important event occurred on February 20th when both rain and snow produced a total of 0.63". Total precipitation for the month was 0.85". This brings the total for 2013 to 1.61", which is a good start to the year. Last year the total at the end of February was only 0.37".

Was cold - see previous post also - with morning lows of 32F or colder occurring on 16 days. There were 3 days during the month with morning lows of 25F or colder. However, the temperature here did not drop to 20F or colder during February.

1 comment:

  1. With that persistent but not deep cold, it was still a real winter even for you.

    I think a rock or music group needs to form in the southwest somewhere, called the Cutoff Lows!