Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dearth Of Weather Continues

The lack of weather continues here in the south of Arizona. There was a stacked, lenticular cloud over the Catalinas before sunrise, but by the time there was enough light for a photograph it had dissipated. The folks at the NWS Forecast Office may be bored also.

The above is yesterday's graphic for the Easter weekend. What can I say?

On a more meteorological note - I noticed mid-level buildups to the southwest when I walked this morning. Some had just enough vertical extent to produce ice-crystal virga. The 8 am MST visible satellite image above captures this cloud field. The Tucson sounding this morning - skewT plot below - indicates that a layer just below 500 mb may have a tiny sliver of CAPE. I know I'm really stretching to find something to write about, but that's pretty much been the story here since March 10th. So it goes.

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