Monday, January 02, 2017

Summary For TUS 2016

Nice report on another very warm year at the airport from John Glueck at the Forecast Office is available at:

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  1. Happy New Year Bob! Well AZ had its first tornado of 2017 - near Morristown Sunday morning at ~8AM and it was captured on video:

    John Sirlin Twitter ‏@SirlinJohn Just had a weak cold core funnel/tornado briefly touch down north of Morristown. As usual the NWS-Phoenix dis-believed despite weak velocity couplet and passage of 500mb cold core in next 2 hours from west.

    Finished year with 11.97inches of rain (CoCoRAHS AZ-MR-372). More later, Jack PS Karen is in for cancer surgery tomorrow morning, spleenectomy, so I'll be out of pocket for a bit. Jack