Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fire Footprint Last Evening

Map above is now on the Sawmill Fire Incident page - it shows extent of the burned area late yesterday afternoon. Hard to locate specific spots, since the roads are not shown. 

It appears that the fire burned eastward right along the Box Canyon Road and then across much of the Proposed Rosemont Mine site and regions along and just south of Greaterville Road. The Empire RAWS is still in operation this morning (one can still find the data on the new, top-down imposed NWS TUS website - which basically stinks - but it is difficult and takes more clicks). The Santa Rita Abbey was spared and the Sisters have been allowed to return. Apparently the fire burned over the Highway 83 Border Patrol Checkpoint. All news available appears to be about 12-hours old, so it is not clear just how far east into the grasslands the fire has burned.

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