Monday, February 25, 2013

Dual-Pol Product from Norman

The match-play golf tournament is now history: snow cancellation on Wednesday; snow delay on Thursday; and nasty winds and very cold wind chills on Sunday. The ECMWF operational model had an excellent forecast for the week, as highlighted in the post on Sunday the 17th. Will the PGA come back to Dove Mountain in 2014? My guess would be "not".

There is a nasty winter storm deepening over the southern Plains this morning. I just took a look at some of the Dual Polarization products from NWS radars in the storm area (note that you need to go to the CoD web page to do this - link to right). The above image is the Hydrometeor Classification product from Norman, Oklahoma, at 1338 UTC this morning. If my eyes aren't failing me, I think that I see every class of hydrometeor on the scale - except for Ground Clutter (GC). The large area of "BIological" targets south of Norman looks suspect however. Details re the Dual-Pol upgrade and products:

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