Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cool Fall Morning In Tucson

From Jack Hales webcam board - view of the Tetons in Wyoming this morning - September 28th.

Here at the house the low temperature this morning was 45 F - 10 degrees colder than the grid point forecast for here of 55 F. The airport recorded a low of 57 F.

Some lows this morning for RAWS stations:

Empire  (at 4650 ft MSL)  43 F - morning lows here at house are often very close to those recorded at                      Empire although there is about 2400 ft difference in elevation.
Mt. Hopkins (at 7120 ft MSL)    49 F
Rincon  (Rincon Mountains at 8290 ft MSL)  43 F
Sollers (Mt. Lemmon at 7800 ft MSL)    45 F  but
Columbine (Mt. Graham at 9521 ft MSL) came in at 28 F

So many of the high elevation RAWS sites were fairly warm. But between here and Sollers there is a foothills banana belt with warmer readings - for example Saguaro RAWS near Sabino Canyon had a low of 53 F.

Finally - if anyone wants to share their rainfall amounts for June through September please email to me at    -  Thanks

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