Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Temperatures Erratic This Morning

Was another cold morning along the Rillito before sunrise today. The low yesterday morning (Monday, November 25th) was 34 F here at the house and this morning it was 33 F. There was light frost both mornings on the grass at the park and at Karsten Turf Research Center - both right along the wash. At the airport this morning easterly surface winds set in around 2 am MST and the temperature jumped about 7 F - see airport time series above. So airport low was a fairly mild 43 F. The easterly winds broke through up here at about 8 am, with a similar jump in temperatures. Winds here are now fairly strong at 15 to 20+ mph. I checked the early WRF-NAM and it did a pretty good forecast of the east winds increasing and the mild temperatures - of course it doesn't resolve the very local cold air along the Rillito Bottoms.

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