Thursday, March 01, 2018

Event And February Summary

Snow coverage at Summerhaven early this morning (above), while Kitt Peak just has a skiff of snow hanging around this morning after considerable sunshine yesterday afternoon (bottom).

The Alert map above covers the entire event yesterday. Sites at low elevations had precipitation except for 5 western sites that had less than 0.04". The amounts at low elevations were quite variable - covering basically the entire range forecast by ensemble models. The 2.48" indicated at Tanque Verde Creek gauge was very bad data for some unknown reason.

After the additional morning showers yesterday the total event rainfall here ended up at 0.35", giving us a monthly total of 1.93" - the wettest month in a long while. There was measurable precipitation on six days, with some graupel thrown in yesterday.  There were 7 days with 32 F, or colder, with coldest morning at 26 F on February 25th. Quite a good month after many in the doldrums.

Looks like march starts out dry - the plot below shows GFS operational forecast from 00 UTC last evening of precipitation for first 7 days of the new month.

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