Monday, April 09, 2018

Miscellaneous Photos

Not much weather to write about this area - near record highs this week bumping at 100 F, and windy Thursday as strong short-wave goes by to the north. Am beginning to worry that rain may not come again here until summer thunderstorm season begins.

Below are some photos from last few days.

From Jack Hales webcam wall yesterday. Above is along the Snake River in Idaho. My weak, old eyes thought there was a bald eagle sitting in the nest - magnifying glass showed that there was actually a raven in the nest. Below shows buffalo grazing below Electric Peak, Montana, which is just inside the northern portion of Yellowstone, NP.

Sunrise near Sonoita, Arizona, on Saturday morning (above) and a nice sunset here at house on April 4th (below). At bottom is a Northern Cardinal from my walk yesterday morning.

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  1. Bob, That is an Eagle's nest. Here is a video I grabbed a few days ago.