Thursday, April 19, 2018

NWS Wind Forecasts For This Afternoon

This morning a 500 mb short wave (above from SPC is 12 UTC analysis at 500 mb) is oriented south-to-north across California, with a surface cyclone over the LA Basin (visible satellite image below is from 7:00 am MST). The 500 mb system is forecast to close-off and move eastward across the Great Basin, bringing Arizona another very moisture starved system, but with wind and dust yet again.

Continuing to focus on the NWS digital, high-resolution grid forecasts, above shows the forecast wind gusts for 2:00 pm this afternoon. Below is the hour-by-hour grid forecast for the airport today, and the bottom is the text forecast for airport. Note that text forecast is same as grid forecast for wind, but with blowing dust added to text.

More on digital forecasts later today.

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