Thursday, January 03, 2013

Brief Summary Of 2012

I have just compiled a brief summary of 2012 weather here at the house. Photo above is of storms on the afternoon of July 24th - a situation that occurs far too frequently, with the house in the clear slot between storms.

Total rainfall was 9.16 inches (about two inches below normal observed at the airport). By season: JFM = 1.03"; AMJ = 0.20"; JAS = 6.36"; OND = 1.57".

Number of days with measurable rain = 39; with 0.50" or more = 5; with 1.00" or more = 1 (1.57" on July 15th).

Number of days with thunderstorms = 32.

On two of these days the storms were marginally severe with wind gusts to about 60 mph.

I seem to recall that early one morning there was a brief period of very light snow - but I can't find it in my records.

Low temperatures

Days with a morning low of 32F or colder = 64 (freezing temperatures occur here along the Rillito much more frequently than they do at the airport!).

Days with a morning low of 25F or colder = 9 (coldest morning was 22F on March 3rd).
This was a fairly typical year here in the far north side of the City of Tucson, with no extreme or significant severe weather events of any kind. During the summer there were thunderstorms here about every third day but but rainfall only on 25% of the days.

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  1. Thanks for that - good info. I guess the most significant thing, at least to me, is the lack of cool season rain for you. Dry slot - I relate!