Monday, April 01, 2013

NOAA Hires High-Level Director Of Graphics

As many know, NOAA and its NWS have moved into the highly competitive arena of social networks, such as YouTUBE and Facebook - for example, see banner above. The agency has hired a well-known author and illustrator, Mr. B. Breathed of California, to become the NWS Director of Graphics. The new Director will be responsible for growing a larger NWS audience that follows and "likes" the agency on the various social media. It is expected that numerous cartoon templates, with weather and climate themes, will be developed for use at all NWS Offices, bringing a uniform flavor and quality to the agency's social network presence.

There are some rumors that a well-known and popular penguin, an excellent avatar for climate change, will likely replace the aging NOAA sea gull on the agency logo - see below.


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    No has to be an alabtross :)


  2. Too bad they don't first make products / info on each office's home page and other usability items far more consistent to each other. But I guess "LOL" and visual "bling" are more important?

  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I wish that penguin would replace the astronaut/geologist who is currently the "acting" director of NOAA. The inconsistency in web pages (as well as other services, products, and even forecasting tools/software) will continue as long as the NWS maintains its outdated regional structure and the complete absence of leadership at the also-bloated HQ level.