Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quick Summary Saturday And Last Night

Heavy cloud cover prevailed in the Tucson area yesterday afternoon, keeping temperatures down and thunderstorm activity very damped - above shows Catalinas at 3 pm MST on Saturday August 24th. Plot of CGs for 24-hours ending 4 am this morning shows little activity over much of southeast Arizona. Strongest thunderstorms covered western Pima County and the Colorado River Basin. Storms over the coastal ranges and Mojave of southern California were very impressive on radar yesterday afternoon.

Rainfall was limited for the metro area, especially at low elevations, through 5 am this morning.  Across the ALERT network 39 sites had rainfall (42% and down some from yesterday morning's observations). Amounts were mostly light, with only 10 sites measuring a 1/4" or more. Florida Canyon, in the Santa Ritas, had the most rainfall in the network with 0.87". Sprinkles here at house during the night left us with another Trace day. The three ALERT panels shown here cover the entire metro area and the southern part of the network.

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