Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Quick Summary Of Last Night's Event

There were late afternoon thunderstorms yesterday over southeastern Arizona - as per the 24-hour CG flash density graphic above from WeatherGraphics and Vaisala. Note that there was activity on the far east side, with a number of flashes detected over the Rincons. There were thunderstorms around the Guthrie RAWS site between 5:00 and 6:00 pm yesterday - the site reported gusts to 67 mph at 5:03 pm, followed by a suspect report of gusts to 125 mph at 6:03 pm. While very high speed is doubtful, there were probably some severe thunderstorm events in the area of that station.

The 500 mb short wave behaved about as predicted and produced a moisture-starved event here locally. The low has closed off and is centered somewhere over the northern GoC this morning, continuing to head southeastward into Sonora, while probably producing some nasty winter weather in the higher elevations of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Here in the Tucson area the event produced widespread but light precipitation, with ~90% of the ALERT stations measuring 0.04" or more (metro west sector observations shown below). Amounts were generally less than 0.20". Snowfall amounts on the high elevations remain unclear at this time but there appears to have been a couple of inches at the General Store in Summerhaven - see image at bottom. The maximum amount reported in the ALERT network was 0.55" at the Elephant Head Butte site - more than double the amount reported at any other site.

Here at the house we had 0.07" during the early morning hours. Not much, but still very nice to have some dampness and the smell of rain in the air - this was first rain here in past 35 days

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