Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Winter 2015-2016 Summaries From NOAA

NOAA has recently released summaries of observed precipitation and temperature for the just-ended winter - shown here are maps for the 48 contiguous states. These first graphics show both the detailed observations (above) for precipitation, with the two charts below showing the categorical seasonal outlooks for precipitation followed by the categorical verification. The forecasts and verification are from the NWS Climate Prediction Center (CPC). Definitely not a very good seasonal outlook for precipitation, as we here in the Southwest know all too well.

The graphics for temperature (presented similarly to those above for precipitation) are shown here. The winter that just ended has been the warmest ever for the 48 states, since record-keeping began. The CPC outlook for temperature seems to have fared a bit better than did the precipitation outlook, at least for northern and western areas. However, nothing here seems to indicate  much skill for the 2015-2016 seasonal outlooks.

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