Monday, January 29, 2018

Mild And Windy Morning

Gusty east winds over parts of metro area have kept temperatures very mild during the night. The two MesoWest plots here show 07:00 am MST temperatures above and wind gusts at same time below. Morning temperatures, and lows during night, were around 15 F warmer than yesterday morning. Here at house it's currently in low 60s, with east wind gusts of about 25 mph.

Winds at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS station were definitely above 65 mph (see previous post). Winds there gusted over 50 mph late morning yesterday, and then dropped off during the afternoon and evening and then increased to over 80 mph around midnight. Plot above shows the RAWS data since midnight.

Time series plots below are for four anemometers at the MMT facility on top of Mt. Hopkins. The Young and Vaisla 4 instruments are on west side of the large structure up there, while the Young 2 and Vaisla 3 instruments are on the east side. One of the east-side anemometers peaked at 65 mph around midnight. (I have no idea of the exact locations of these anemometers, making it hard to compare the max winds at the RAWS station versus those up on the peak.)

Wind rose plot at bottom is for the Kitt Peak 4-m structure and have over 50 mph much of night.

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