Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Miscellany Plus Summary For 2017 Here

Parts of town are dealing with smoke, particularly during late night and early morning hours when smoke is trapped near the surface, from a nasty fire in a landfill on the east side. Above is view of the smoke layer along the Catalina foothills early Sunday morning the 31st. The fire is still burning.

Nice sunrise clouds this morning below.

Most weather attention today and tomorrow will be focused on the frigid East and the developing storm east of northern Florida. Surface map above for 16 UTC this morning indicates the cold air, and snow, extending well into northern Florida. I see also that Augusta, Georgia, is reporting heavy snow.
The visible image below is for the same time and does not clearly show the cyclone center yet, but does show widespread thunderstorms to the the storm's east and southeast.

The very significant forecast issue is how this storm will track tomorrow wrt the populous Northeast.

Summary For 2017 Here At House

Total precipitation for the year (all rain and no snow this year) was 10.37 inches. The rainfall for three months (January, July, and August) added up to 9.36 inches, with the remaining nine months of the year producing only 1.11 inches. Since August 13th drought has dominated and only 0.56 inches has occurred here. Because of the very wet July, this year ended up as only the 7th driest in my 20 years of record.

I track only morning lows here - there were 50 days with the low below 40 F; 26 days with freezing or colder; and 4 days with lows of 24 F or colder. Coldest morning here was December 22nd when temperature dropped to 19 F.

There were 27 days when thunderstorms occurred, and 22 of these occurred in July and August. There was only one severe thunderstorm here, when gusts of 60 mph or greater occurred on August 10th.

So that's a quick review - most of the year's exciting weather occurred during the period July 10th to August 13th - with the rest of the year being two long, extended yawn periods,

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