Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Cool Morning Here - Hurricane Matthew Strikes Haiti

Unusual sunrise here, possibly due to a bit of suspended dust aloft. The low temperature this morning at house was 46 F, and I see that the Empire RAWS site dropped to 40 F. Coolest morning here so far this Fall.

Hurricane Matthew struck parts of Haiti this morning as a Category 4 storm - IR image of storm above is from 1345 UTC. The current NHC track forecast is just below and indicates that the storm could track northward very close to the Florida and Southeast coast.

A comment re yesterday's post noted that this storm appeared similar to Hurricane Hazel of 1954. Hazel was a very devastating hurricane that caused deaths and significant damage from the Caribbean northward into parts of Canada. The track of Hazel, with its intensities, is shown at bottom.

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