Sunday, October 16, 2016

Full Moon Setting

While I only have a simple point-and-shoot digital camera, I couldn't resist a shot of the setting moon this morning. Nice morning with enough moonlighting that I could head out a bit earlier than usual.

The 00z forecasts from the WRF-GFS at Atmo are indicating strong east winds late in the week, especially next Thursday night. The graphic above is valid at 1:00 am MST next Friday morning, the 21st. I am interested in whether the WRF model can forecast the potential for high winds at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS station and the Whipple Observatory complex out at such a long range.

Even though a fairly strong front comes by, there is little moisture avaiable and the WRF-GFS forecast for precipitation (on the 5.4 km grid) through 5:00 pm next Saturday is shown below - very dismal if one is hoping for a bit more October rain.

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