Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Doswell Visit

Chuck and Vicki Doswell stopped by here yesterday. They are on a long, Western US drive that will eventually take them to the Severe Local Storms Conference in Portland, Oregon. During dinner we learned that Chuck had been honored by the ESSL (European Severe Storms Laboratory) and given the 2013 Nikolai Dotzek Award.

The Nikolai Dotzek Award is the most prestigious award in the global severe weather research community. The award is presented at each European Conference on Severe Storms, starting in 2011, for an outstanding contribution to the science of severe storms. The award may be given for a breakthrough discovery presented at the conference, for an accumulation of important accomplishments during a scientific career, or as an encouragement to an outstanding young scientist with great potential. The award may also be given for a combination of these factors. 

Congratulations to Chuck, and also to the 2011 winner - Paul Markowski, Penn State - and the 2015 winner - Harold Brooks, NSSL.

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