Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Roger Edwards - On The Road

Roger Edwards, of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), is on a summer storm expedition out here in the Southwest. This unusual situation resulted from staff shortages in Norman, which caused him to defer his usual chase time in May until August. Now he is motoring around under the anticyclone.

Above is a photo from Monday in eastern New Mexico beneath an arcus cloud. He referred to this, in chaser jargon, as a whale's mouth arcus." 

I think he's somewhere in Arizona today; however, I doubt that August chases to the Southwest will become a habit for him. Good hunting Roger!

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  1. Roger passed through Flagstaff and Sedona on Tuesday and we met up for a bit of lightning photography at sunset. Storms were producing some cloud-to-ground flashes as well as interesting anvil lightning.