Friday, December 08, 2017

First Freeze At House This Fall/Winter

Coldest morning here so far this season - after yesterday's low of  34 F, this morning the low was 27 F. Lows around the metro area shown above from MesoWest for this morning (above), with coldest lows out to our east and south (below). Note the amazing 9 F along Highway 82 west of Tombstone. The lows at airport and DM were 36 and 33 F respectively.

Lows tomorrow morning are a difficult forecast, since winds may or may not continue through the night. The 12 UTC WRF-GFS forecasts lows to be 10 to 15 F warmer than they were today. However, that model often keeps the wind speeds a bit too strong during night - so I expect a wide-range of temperatures by 7 am tomorrow.

Winds from the east at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS site were quite strong, with max gust reaching 78 mph (below).  At that site winds gusted over 70 mph from about 10 pm MST last night through 2 am this morning (winds were over 40 mph from 10 am yesterday through 9 am this morning).  I see that winds yesterday afternoon gusted 40 to 60 mph at the 4 m telescope on Kitt Peak.

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