Friday, December 01, 2017

Warmest November Ever At TUS

Another dismal month goes into the record books here at house and at airport. Shown here (from NWS webpage) are the daily high and low temperatures compared to normals and records (above) and the same for precipitation (below).  No day during the entire month had a low temperature even close to "normal." But several days set record high temperatures. The month's average temperature was 69.2 F, which bested the old record by an amazing 3.5 F.

The nasty drought period extends back to mid-August. The November rainfall here at house occurred on one day - 0.05" on the 7th. During meteorological Fall (September through November) here at the house we had a total of only 0.17 inches - easily the driest ever Fall in my 19 years of record. In fact precipitation for the entire year is extremely low, except for July and August - I certainly hope the dry Fall doesn't persist until next summer.

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