Saturday, December 09, 2017

Temperatures And Winds This Morning/Snow In Mexico

Yesterday morning's WRF-GFS forecast for temperatures at 8:00 am MST this morning (above) were a bit too warm wrt the observed temperatures at that time (below). But as model trends indicated, the morning temperatures today were considerably warmer than yesterday's. The morning lows today (second below) were up some also and were reached around midnight or so, when winds dropped off. Low here at house was a bit colder at 25 F as winds stayed down. The airport had 37 F and DM dropped to 39 F.  Tonight will be another problem with the model forecast keeping winds through the night, with temperatures again warmer than today.

The winds at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS picked up again about 10:00 pm last night and have continued strong and gusty today with some hours hitting 55 to 60 mph.

Finally, a very interesting graphic was posted to the SUNY Albany MAP chat list by Brandt Maxwell (NWS San Diego). The graphic below shows snow covered area for yesterday, with a very large area of Mexico having received snowfall. Snow covered area in Mexico was greater than that over New England!

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