Monday, July 02, 2018

Miscellany July 2

Cool, June gloom at Huntington Beach, California, looks very inviting this morning.

The MIMIC TPW analysis at 12 UTC (above) this morning shows that more moist air is still mostly south of 30 degrees north here in the Southwest. Remnants of Emilia are near 130 west, while TS Fabio is near 110 west. Fabio, in IR image from 1330 UTC below is a very large storm and looks to have good organization, as it intensifies to a hurricane this morning. Model and NHC forecasts keep Fabio well west of Baja.

Finally, 12h plot of CG flashes over Mexico, ending at 06 UTC last night - below from Atmo and Vaisala - shows that storms yesterday afternoon remained essentially south of Durango and Sonora.

Model forecasts continue to bring a strong push of deep moisture westward from New Mexico and Texas by the end of the week - so still waiting for better chances for thunderstorms here in Tucson.

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