Friday, August 15, 2014

Couple More Photos

An orphan anvil with mammatus and a bit of virga yesterday evening, from Phoenix looking south to southwest. Photo from Matt Hales, one of Jack's sons.

Below, a funnel near Hereford, Arizona, today. Photo by Ryan Nottingham. Looks like a jungle down there!

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  1. Bob,

    We had quite a bit of damage in our neighborhood from the cell that popped up in east Tucson around 6pm on Friday night. Several trees down near our house, our fence was blown down and the neighbors porch across the street was ripped off and blown over their house into the yard behind them. We had a 53 mph gust at our house and 0.83" in about 15 minutes. A very localized wet microburst, I guess. The cell on radar didn't look like much at all and was up and down within 30 minutes. The news was out in our neighborhood that evening...