Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Freeze Warning After Midnight Tonight

The NWS has issued a freeze warning for late tonight. Graphic above is from the main NWS web page - however, this graphic is essentially a broad-brush version of the real warning. The user has to further click on hazards to see the details of where the warnings apply (below, but using different colors). In my opinion the NWS is using a pretty antiquated approach for important products. Note below that the Tucson metro area is NOT within the actual warning area.

This is interesting, since some portions of the metro area will most likely drop below freezing early tomorrow morning. Our low here at the house this morning was 27 - 31 F (an estimate based on a regular thermometer and the lows observed at TUS - 39 F, Empire RAWS - 27 F, and Sasabe RAWS - 28 F). If the low falls to 35 F at TUS tomorrow morning, as currently forecast by NWS, then temperatures along the Rillito in the north part of the city will be in the low to middle 20s F

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