Thursday, December 08, 2016

Early Morning Miscellany

Low here at house this morning was 34 F - around 8 F colder than down at the airport - but much warmer than points to our north and east.

Webcam photos here are from Jack Hales camera page and show views on his place in Star Valley, western Wyoming. Temperatures there are well below zero this morning, with a bit less than a foot of snow on the ground. 

The regional surface plot above (from NCAR) is for about 7:00 am MST. Strong cold front is trying to push westward from the Big Bend of Texas toward southeastern Arizona. It's pretty nasty over there - note the observation at Guadalupe Pass of 21 F with moderate freezing drizzle and wind gusts to 41 mph. The models keep this frigid air off to the east of Tucson - no complaints from here. Temperatures on the surface plot range from -15 F at a couple of places in Colorado to a balmy 46 F in Phoenix.

By the end of the week (500 mb spaghetti plot below valid at 00 UTC on 15 December) a very cold, low circulation sets up between Hudson's Bay and the Great Lakes. Looks like the infamous "Polar Vortex" terminology may creep back into media reports by that time.

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