Sunday, June 11, 2017

Katie Turns 66 Along Historic Old Route 66

Saturday June 3rd was Katie's 66th birthday. We had reservations at La Posada in Winslow, which is located appropriately right on Old Highway 66. The restored Fred Harvey hotel was designed by Mary Colter and is gorgeous in early morning sunshine. John Sharpe's wonderful Turquoise Room never fails to delight us with great food.

We headed over toward Flagstaff on her birthday and visited Sunset Crater NM (above) and could also look west to the snow holding on the San Francisco Peaks (below).

We then scooted in to Walnut Canyon NM and hiked a bit along their easier trails. View of cliff ruins above was taken from the visitor center porch. The center is apparently an NWS Cooperative Observer site, as per the temperature display in the visitor gift shop - appeared to me that all the instruments were on the roof of the building. I'm sure that many of the young visitors just itch to touch those knobs!

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