Thursday, June 29, 2017

Smokey Skies Over Arizona

Two large wildfires are burning in Arizona today. Skies at sunrise here were partly covered by high, thin veils of smoke, most noticeable to the west. There was also haze at low levels as per view above. Down at bottom is photo taken just before sunrise.

The Goodwin fire east of Prescott - map as of yesterday above - has caused hundreds of evacuations and closed one of the main highways into Prescott. The fire has burned over 20,000 acres. The 06:00 am satellite image below shows the smoke from this fire about at center of state. The Four Corners area appears to be covered by thicker smoke, but some of this may be clouds also.

The Frye fire continues to burn on Mt. Graham and has now covered over 40,000 acres - map of burn area as of yesterday afternoon above. Smoke from this fire is at right side of the 06:00 am visible satellite image below.

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