Monday, June 26, 2017

One Year Ago Today

Last year on the evening of the 26th of June a very severe, wet microburst hit a region of north-central Tucson. The summer storm season started early last year, with storms over the northern Sirra Madre of Mexico producing a series of outflows that slowly moistened lower-levels over southeastern Arizona. Severe thunderstorms occurred here at the house on both the 25th and 26. The microburst storm produced winds I estimated at over 70 mph a few minutes after 07:00 pm MST, along with an amazing 1.45 inches of rain.

There are numerous posts on the blog about this event through the first week of July. Just showing a few graphics from that storm.

Radar tilt 1 reflectivity a couple of minutes after 07:00 pm (purple tones are 60 to 70 dBZ).

Photo looking north from A Mountain at about the same time - the northern portion of the microburst and outflow foot are at the right side.

Map showing the portion of town where the microburst produced damage.

Big trees down in Winterhaven a couple of blocks to our south.

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