Thursday, June 01, 2017

Spring Summary/Start Of Summer

Spring was very dry here, with only 0.17 inches of precipitation at the house for March - May. Wind and dust dominated the spring. There were 6 days here in March with low temperatures in the 30s, with 32 F for the low on the second. Thunderstorms occurred on one, perhaps two, day(s). And that's all there is to report. Can only get better as summer progresses.

The last two days of meteorological spring did feature high-based, mostly dry, thunderstorms that are fairly typical for this time of year. Above is the KEMX composite radar chart for 03:45 pm MST on the 30th. The widespread area of light echo led to strong and gusty east winds across the metro area during the late afternoon. Safford reported 43 mph and DM had 35 mph - saw a few small limbs down when I walked last couple of mornings. Unfortunately, when I scan the southeastern AZ ASOS observations at the NWS web page, Ft. Huachuca and Pioneer Airfield come up missing.

The lightning CG flash density plots above (past 24 -hours) and below past 48-hours) are from and Vaisala. There was a slight bit of activity along the Arizona/New Mexico border in Cochise County yesterday. But, in comparison, Tuesday the 30th was very active, with some storms reaching to the eastern edges of Pima County.

Down at the bottom is this morning's eastern Pacific activity chart from NHC. Tropical Depression Two-E is about to head ashore in far southwestern Mexico. Eventually, the remnants of this depression may move out over the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. Hi Bob: My spring weather experience up here in northern Maricopa County sounds a lot like yours from Mar 1-May 31: 0.64in rain over 5 days, thunder on 3 days, coolest temp 45F, warmest 105F on May 5. Quite a number of days featured gusty winds, especially from April 10 to May 20. Just beginning to anticipate the start of monsoon season in 4-5 weeks. Jack