Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Anatomy of a monsoon storm

The following link connects to a newspaper graphic that purports to explain monsoon thunderstorms.


It's the kind of thing that one might ask an intro class: "How many things can you find wrong on this page?" The focus on cold fronts is interesting, since most of us would love to have some really good cold fronts come by during our summer heat!

As for the box at lower right "This week's forecast:" I had no precipitation at my house (sadly one of the driest locales in the metro area) on "Today" - June 28th, but did hear thunder from a storm on the Catalina Mountains. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I observed both thunder and precipitation at the house.

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  1. Mike Leuthold4:47 PM

    That reporter, Josh, is trying hard, but knows NOTHING about the weather and is easley confused. If you are not vigilant with him, the facts get confused quite quickly. Bob, I recommended to him that he talk to you in the future for any stories regarding thunderstorms or the Monsoon.