Friday, July 28, 2006

Unusual Tucson weather

Yesterday was quite an unusual summer day. The high temperature was 85F - pleasant, but humid, relief from the heat wave of a few days ago. Most unusual was the occurrence of the high temperature at midnight as the day began. The high temperature during the day reached only 83F - considerably cooler than the lows over the past weekend.

Another nocturnal MCS moved across southeastern Arizona early this morning. Lightning and thunder here at the house around 2 to 3 am with 24 hour rainfall of 0.39" (0.06" of that occurred before noon yesterday morning). Lightning and thunder at Davis Monthan AFB around same time but, as is typical, no significant convective weather was observed at Tucson International Airport.

The Rillito wash has been running bank-to-bank during past 24 hours, as have most washes - stupid motorists water rafting in SUVs and other typical craziness that attends heavy storms down here abounds.

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