Friday, July 21, 2006

More on surface weather observations at NWS TUS

I am just begining to draft a paper on the state of surface weather observations at the NWS observation site at Tucson International Airport (TUS). This document will reside on the MadWeather web page, but I will post alerts here on the blog as I add new information.

Initially, there is a figure on the web page that shows annual thunderstorm days observed at TUS versus annual thunderstorm days observed at Davis Monthan AFB (DMA). Note that TUS and DMA are spatially separated by only about 8 km.

CLICK HERE to view the figure of thunderstorm days per year for 2001-2005.

This figure leads to an obvious, and very important, question: What happened after 2001?

This topic continues that posted on the blog earlier as: "Where have all the thunderstorms gone?"

More to come.

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