Monday, July 31, 2006

Flooding on the Rillito 31 July 2006 -- Tucson

I've put together a webpage with videos and historical peak discharge information related to the Rillito Creek flooding of 31 July. CLICK HERE to see it. Hopefully, a meteorological analysis of the storms /MCSs that led to this event will appear in a future post by Bob.

P.S. For you flood-o-philes out there, July 31st is also the 3oth anniversary of the Big Thompson Flood in Colorado which took place 7-31-1976.

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  1. Mike Leuthold8:13 PM

    I've got a few videos too. Some are high res and your system may not be able to keep a constant framerate. These were taken at the Craycroft bridge before the police got there.

    Low res
    debris under bridge
    large standing wave downriver
    closeup of downriver standing wave

    High res
    large standing wave downriver
    large standing wave upriver