Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Emilia on the horizon

It is interesting that the NHC now forecasts Emilia to move north of 20 degrees N as a hurricane at 11 pm on Sunday night. The position of Emilia north of 20 and south of Baja is nearly perfect (assumimg that the NHC forecast is reasonably accurate) for the storm to trigger a significant northward surge of moist air up the Gulf of California. I am not sure why, but neither the NWS PHX nor the NWS TUS forecast discussions today have even mentioned that Tropical Storm Emilia has formed, much less that she might have significant impacts on Arizona within the next two to three days. Regardless, a return to more moist conditions would be much welcomed at my house after the desiccating, dry east winds of the past two days!

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