Friday, September 07, 2018

Lonely Thunderstorm Yesterday

North view from campus yesterday captures west portion of a thunderstorm that developed over the foothills of the Catalinas. Several small cells developed across metro area as outflow from initial storm moved southward. View and radar (below) are both from a bit before 3:30 pm MST. Here at house we had rumbles of thunder for nearly an hour and a tiny spit of rain - Trace.

Plot of detected CG flashes (above from Atmo and Vaisala is for period ending at 10:00 pm last night) shows the only storm activity in all of Pima and Santa Cruz Counties was with the foothills thunderstorm. The ALERT rainfall reports (below for 24-hours ending at 5:00 am this morning) show reports of 0.04" or more from 10 stations (one near Vail, not on plot, had 0.04"). Three sites had more than a quarter of an inch. Certainly surprised me when the thunder started rumbling!

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