Saturday, September 01, 2018

Update 2:30 pm September 1st

We were downtown, near City center, this morning when showers developed nearly overhead. There was a bit of thunder and a few CG flashes detected. The line along which storms were forming in eastern Pima County was nearly along I-10. 

Above graphic shows ALERT stations that had rainfall during the 6-hours ending at 1:30 pm MST. Here at house there was 0.20" in gauge when we returned a bit before 1:30 pm. The 12 UTC WRF forecasts were similar to the 06 UTC runs, keeping showers and storms mostly to east and north of here. However, the 15 UTC WRF RR picked up on things, and below is its forecast valid at 1:00 pm.

There are still storms around as per webcam view above and the 2:10 pm composite radar chart below. Pleasant surprise to start new month with some rain in gauge.

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