Friday, September 07, 2018

Summary For Meteorological Summer 2018 - Edited

I have summer rainfall data from Sister Pam Fletcher at Santa Rita Abbey (~ 5 miles north-northwest of Sonoita): June - 2.16"; July - 4.44"; August - 3.59"; TOTAL 10.19".

Photograph of CG flash taking out the NWS KEMX radar in the Empire Mountains - Friday, August 10th - photo by Caryn Hill (more details in August 17th post).
Weather Summary for June – August 2018

Rainfall at our house:

June        0.93

July         0.62

August    2.81            TOTAL =  4.36 inches 

This made 2018 the seventh driest summer in 20 years of record here. For this short, 20-year period the average has been 5.41 inches with 10.81” in 2008 being the wettest summer and 1.51” driest in 2013.

There was measurable rain here on 18 of 92 days (20%). Thunderstorms occurred on 26 days (at least – records for hearing thunder are iffy for me because of near deafness).

No day had an inch or more rain – which is somewhat unusual (several summers have had a two inch event). Severe thunderstorms with strong winds occurred on July 5th and August 1st.

In contrast, the plots for summer for TUS (above and below for ASOS data from the airport) indicates a summer with above normal rainfall - from Mike Crimmins webpage at

Note that four significant events of around an inch hit the airport - providing the bulk of the summer rain (almost 6 inches) there.

The summer period was also quite moist after monsoon conditions began on July 8th - plot above (from NWS webpage) shows average daily dewpoint at the airport (remember, the more meteorolgical defintion was that monsoon began after 3 days with average Td of 54 F or higher). The daily averages stayed above 54 for most of summer, with only a few days drier than that. There was no extended dry period, or burst or big dry-out. The plot for August only (below) shows just 3 days with average Td below 54 F and 19 days with an average of 60 F or greater. So, it seemed like a very humid summer to many of us.

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