Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How's The NWS Doing?

Interested in how the NWS is doing these days? Be sure to read the Cliff Mass blog post at:



  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Wow...let the truth be said. The NWS is way behind the times. The NWS is full of those that want to build empires and lacking those that want to build legacies. This is from an agency that names baroclinic storms "tropical" all the time but did not understand that Hurricane Sandy built up the storm surge that flooded NY/NJ..not post subtropical half cold core neutercane Sandy.

  2. That's a challenging article for me to read some of, but what I understand makes sense.

    Here, not sure their point forecasts or local forecasts are always on-par...more hype for weather that doesn't happen than not. Forecast today - low 15F, high 39F.....reality - low 26F, high 43F. No clouds or nighttime breezes downsloping to do that. On the other hand, our NWS office was right-on about the Sunday low-fronts and the timing, and is almost always right-on with the east canyon winds, though not always with their duration.

    Not sure how much any of this is related to staffing, quality of modelling, local biases, or funding. Seems complex...just like the weather!