Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cooler Today With Wind And Some Dust

Another event fizzles out with respect to precipitation - this has been the pattern for last three systems or so. Looks pretty good in model forecasts at longer time frames and then gets drier and drier in the shorter range forecasts. The 12 UTC WRF forecast from yesterday for entire "event" proved pretty good. Basically zero POPs observed across the metro area.

Above graphic (from and Vaisala) shows CG flash density for past 48 hours. Considerable lightning west to north and one thunderstorm at north end of the Santa Rita Mountains. A station at Corona had 0.07" - pretty much the big event locally. Map below from MesoWest shows 24 hour precip reports of mostly zero in eastern Pima County. Two very slight sprinkles this morning here, but mostly afternoon winds of 30 to 40 mph and some blowing dust. 

There will be a couple of more systems before the month ends but remains to be seen whether one of them will actually bring a rain event.

The cooler temperatures are are a nice change.

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