Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Early Morning Showers

Guess I was distracted by Al running around at University of Oklahoma yesterday. Turns out that a couple of ensemble member forecasts got the very low POPs event of early this morning. Regional radar above is from 03:00 am MST. Airport and DM had thunderstorms in addition to the light showers. TUS reported 0.21" and DM had 0.11", while we had 0.06" here at house.

The 06 UTC WRF-GFS caught up with what was happening and its forecast for 04:00 am is below - but of course by the time that forecast ran, the showers were moving into the metro area. The atmosphere out-performed the models this time around.

Portion of ALERT network shown above is 6-hour precipitation ending at 06:00 am this morning - rainfall mostly centered over core metro area, with amounts generally less than a tenth of an inch. 

The showers mainly cleaned out most of the dust and pollen, so that it was a beautiful early morning with clean and sparkling skies - below.

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