Friday, March 03, 2017

Friday March 3rd - Mild But Cloudy Morning

Early am image from Kitt Peak, showing the heavy, high clouds that, along with some nighttime winds, kept morning lows very mild. Image at bottom is from air quality cam looking west to the Tucson Mountains, about an hour later.

The seven day outlook from NWS for Tucson above - today through next Thursday. below is time series from the airport ASOS showing that low of 60 F this morning was 20 F warmer than yesterday's 40 F. Low here was 54 F versus 32 F yesterday - quite a change and I went off on my morning walk much earlier today.

Winds down at the Mt. Hopkins RAWS gusted from 30 to 48 mph from midday yesterday into the early morning hours today - apparently the forecast Sonoita sounding from WRF was pretty good, but perhaps a bit slow.

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