Friday, April 15, 2016

Brief Recap Of Winds This Afternoon

Was very dusty at dusk this evening due to suspended dust from the west. This view of Catalinas gives only a feel for what it was like as the sun went down - entire west sky was obscured with a pale,
eerie solar glow coming through the dust.

The NWS forecast of gusts to 43 mph was too high for the airport today, but it is not clear how strong the gusts actually were. The hourly observations indicate a max of 33 mph (as do the obs at Atmo), but the 0153 UTC airport observation seems garbled. Other maximum gusts around southern Arizona were: Guthrie 52 mph; Pioneer Airfield 49 mph; Muleshoe ranch 48 mph; Phoenix 46 mph; and Safford 45 mph. Definitely a windy and nasty afternoon.

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