Friday, April 15, 2016

Red Flag Warning Today

Today's weather event continues to be one dominated by windy conditions. The current NWS "Weather Story" from TWC is shown above. Critical fire weather conditions will prevail, with a Red Flag Warning in effect for much of southern Arizona (remember, if you want to see the exact area warned click on "Hazards" at upper right portion of the NWS webpage).

The current grid point forecasts for the airport (TUS) are shown below (second below is graphic showing the hour-by-hour grid-point forecasts). The NWS forecasts gusts as high as 43 mph down at the airport this afternoon.

On the larger scale, North America continues to be controlled by a complex, blocking pattern - major impact of this being the weekend threats of heavy precipitation to our north. The chart below shows the GEFS average 500 mb heights valid at 12 UTC on Monday morning, the 18th of April. The pattern shown features a lower-latitude Omega Block over the eastern U.S., with a very large Rex Block over western North America. A Rex Block is characterized by a high latitude ridge and anticyclone, with a lower latitude cyclone situated beneath the anticyclone. An Omega Block is one in which the ridge height contours resemble the Greek letter "Omega."

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