Friday, April 22, 2016

Mid-90s For Earth Day

Quite hot here in Tucson for Earth Day 2016, with gusty winds and low RH - air conditioner set at 79 F here in book casita, and it just kicked on for a while.  Above is plot of global temperature anomalies for a period of almost 150 years - although the precision of the measurements vary in time - the long term trend is clear. The current super El Nino appears to be having a huge impact on temperatures, so the short-term trend will diminish again as the event ends. While the details and reasons can be debated, the observations are indeed that, observations. 

Below is cartoonist Walt Kelly and his famous poster for Earth day 1 - 46 years ago. His statement is perhaps even more true today.

Meanwhile U.S. politicians like to talk about whether they "believe"  the climate is warming, as if this issue were somehow a function of one's personal faith. Tweets below from super politico Trump.

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