Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Saw a bird I'd never seen before on my walk this morning. I think it was a Say's Phoebe (a flycatcher), shown above (not my photo). After a chilly low of 40F this morning, temperatures now up into mid-80s.

Kitt Peak web cams a bit before 4:30 pm MST show cirrus to the north and clear skies deep into Mexico to the south.

The GFS 500 mb ensembles (spaghetti chart above) continue to forecast a ridge dominating western North America (charts above valid at 12 UTC on March 29th). Considerable "spaghetti" within the weak, southern branch of the split flow regime over West and east Pacific. Looks like cold trough prevails over the eastern U.S., where Spring is a bit delayed this year.

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